Membership of SMCA

Membership for 2015 is now free!



SMCA Membership is Free. Everyone is welcome to join to support SMCA in its work. The more members SMCA has, the more certain it is to continue receiving funding.

It does not matter how much or how little you use the community centre, you can still join by downloading a Membership Form from our Website:


As SMCA no longer charges any Membership Fees, we ask you to remember that, as a Charity (#1101681) SMCA is always grateful to receive donations. However small the amount you can afford to give, your donation will be welcomed. There is a donation pot in the Office. You may find an item or book on the ‘Trolley’ in SMCA Foyer which can be exchanged for any donation. Your donation will help SMCA’s work so that some services can be offered free of charge, and others at affordable prices, to local families who struggle to manage on low incomes.  

Benefits of Membership

Discounts for Room Hire are offered only to “Active” Members. To qualify as an Active Member, you must become a Member and take part in one or more weekly activity at SMCA for a period of at least 9 months. As a reward for your loyalty and as an Active Member of at least nine-months standing, you will pay a reduced rate for any Room Hire you arrange at SMCA.

Membership Card

If you would like a Membership Card in your name, please phone Brenda or Melissa on Tel: 020 8648 3740 to make an appointment to collect your card.

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